Before we can look at your complaint you’ll need to send us an application form along with all the documents related to your case.

You’ll find the right application form in this section. Select a form to print off and complete. Or, download an electronic form (Adobe Acrobat Reader X1 required).

Open the forms using Adobe Acrobat Reader – you can download a copy free of charge if you need to.

Whichever form you choose, please print it off, sign it and send it to us by post.

Call us on 020 7630 2200 if you need some help with your application.


Complaints about personal and occupational pensions

Unless there are special circumstances we can only deal with problems you became aware of within the last three years.


Referrals and complaints about the Pension Protection Fund

You must bring your complaint to us no more than 28 days after the PPF Reconsideration Committee’s decision is issued.


Appeals against a Financial Assistance Scheme Decision

You must bring your appeal to us no more than 2 months after the FAS Scheme Manager has sent a decision about your appeal.