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Thu 2 Jul 2015

Our 2014/15 Annual Report and Accounts were published today, 2 July.

The report includes information on our operational and financial performance as well as case studies with examples of investigations carried out during the year. Key points of note are:

Our caseload

  • There was a 21% increase in the number of enquiries we received
  • We took on 1,281 cases for investigation, 22% more than expected
  • We completed 970 investigations.  48% of these were concluded by our investigators and did not require an ombudsman decision
  • Just over one third of cases decided by an ombudsman was upheld in full or part
  • 72% of our investigations took under a year to complete
  • Cases about the actions of the Pension Protection Fund remained a small part of our work, with 72 new in the year (an increase of 16.7%)
  • We received 177 complaints concerning alleged pension liberation (a number were determined earlier this year)

Our performance

  • We responded to enquiries within an average of 2 days (our target was 3 days)
  • We decided whether or not we would investigate a complaint in 4 weeks on average (our target was 7 weeks)
  • We completed investigations in an average of 9.8 months (our target was 10 months)
  • We completed 970 investigations compared to 1115 in 2013/14, this was due, in part, to dealing with the large number of the pension liberation cases and a delay in replacing staff

Running the office

  • We stayed within budget, with costs of £3.291m
  • At the end of the year we had 39 employees

You can download a copy of the report here:

Annual Report 2014-15