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Wed 19 Dec 2018

Today the DWP has published a consultation “The Pensions Ombudsman: dispute resolution and jurisdiction

We welcome the package of measures outlined in the consultation which supports the actions we are already taking to improve the customer journey in respect of pension complaints and disputes.

This consultation follows the transfer of the dispute resolution function to The Pensions Ombudsman (TPO) from The Pensions Advisory Service and reflects both the continuation of the previous good work and TPO’s progression to a more modern, streamlined service which is ideally suited to the current pensions and complaints handling environment.

The proposals enable TPO to use our expertise to seek the earliest and most appropriate way of resolving issues between the parties, which is to the benefit of all, while maintaining the existing ability to request a formal determination by an Ombudsman.

The opportunity for an employer to bring a complaint or refer a dispute to TPO on its own behalf against a person responsible for the management of a scheme (for example a personal pension arrangement for its staff), rather than in respect of an individual member, is a most welcome and long sought clarification to the existing  legislation.

These measures are a major step forward in the resolution of pension complaints and disputes and the customer journey for pension scheme members.

“I am delighted with and fully welcome the consultation paper. I am also grateful for the efforts of the DWP in progressing this on behalf of TPO.”   Claire Ryan, Legal Director