A group complaint is where several people have the same problem with the same scheme.

Each person with a complaint needs to ask us to investigate even if the complaints appear to be identical.

If a lot of people appear to have identical complaints we try to make the process as easy as possible for everyone.

Usually we expect multiple applicants to be represented by one person so that we have a central point of contact for all correspondence.

Lead case

We will set up one applicant as the lead case and ask this person to complete an application form.  If the applicant is also the representative for the group then they should expect that information about their case will be shared with the rest of the group and we will ask for written authority to do so.

Other applicants

We may not need formal application forms from other people in the group but we will need:

  • personal details such as a name and address
  • written confirmation of their complaint
  • confirmation that a representative has been appointed (if applicable)
  • a signature.

What we will do

First we will need to decide if the case is something we can investigate.  Normally we will assess the lead case first and then decide the appropriate course of action for the remaining applicants.

What you need to do

We can look at complaints about how personal and occupational pension schemes are run. But there are some things we can’t investigate, so you should check the information on this site to see if your complaint is something we can deal with.

If you are considering making a group complaint please contact us in advance for further information and guidance.

Personal and occupational pensions

Find out more about the types of complaints we can investigate.