Interested persons

If an appeal of a Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS) decision relates to a scheme notification or scheme eligibility decision we have to notify any ‘interested persons’ that an appeal has been made.

Broadly this is anyone who is, or might be, affected by the outcome of a case.

If there is anyone we will publish details of the appeal, as well as who we have identified as interested persons, on this site.

Although you may be an interested person in relation to an appeal of a decision made by the FAS Scheme Manager it does not follow that you would receive an award under the FAS.

The criteria used by the Scheme Manager to determine whether you are eligible for an award, for example your age, are not the same as that used by us to determine whether you are an interested person.

If you are an interested person you’ll be able to inspect all documents and submissions we receive.

We will publish a summary of any submissions we receive on this site and you can make an appointment to view the papers.

Participating in the appeal

If we have identified you as an interested person you can apply to participate in the appeal.

If we accept your application you will have the same rights and responsibilities as the other parties. This includes the right to make written submissions and request an oral hearing.

We will publish regular updates on this site, so you don’t need to participate in the investigation to be kept informed.

The time taken to complete our investigation might increase if there are a large number of participants. Go to our investigation process to find out more about what to expect.

If the pension scheme has not been wound up the trustees or managers will always be a party to the appeal even if they have not made the appeal themselves. We expect the trustees or managers to drive the appeal forward.

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