Step 3: allocating cases to an adjudicator

Cases that we can deal with are allocated to one of our adjudicators.

Because of the number of cases we deal with, it can take on average 9 – 10 months for your case to be allocated and in certain cases this may take longer.

If we can allocate your case more quickly we will. Usually we deal with cases in the order they are received.

But in exceptional circumstances – for example situations of severe financial distress, ill health and bereavement, or if the matter is in the public interest – we may decide to allocate a case to an adjudicator more quickly.

We may ask any (or all) of the parties involved to provide further information about the complaint before it is allocated to an adjudicator.

We assess each case individually before deciding whether or not this would be beneficial.

When your case is allocated an adjudicator will write to you. They will be your main point of contact throughout the investigation process.

Our investigation process

How we establish the facts of a case and make decisions.