Step 1: establishing the facts of a case

When a complaint is allocated to an adjudicator they will review the case and may contact other parties to ask for more information.

Usually we will ask the people you think are at fault to comment on your complaint.

If a case is complex, or there are a number of people involved, we may need to request information several times to establish the facts of a case.

We have to give everyone time to respond – usually 3 or 4 weeks. And in many cases any new facts are shared with everyone involved. This is one of the reasons why some cases take several months to resolve.

While a case is being investigated we will contact the person who made the complaint at least once every 6 weeks to keep them informed.

For complaints about personal and occupational pension schemes we may try to resolve the problem informally. If all parties can agree on an outcome we’ll close the case.

All parties have rights and responsibilities during an investigation. This includes a duty to keep all the information related to a case confidential.