Step 2: making a decision

As soon as we have enough information we aim to close a case as quickly as possible.  It is likely that an adjudicator will write to all parties and give their view on the complaint.

If they think nothing has gone wrong they will explain why. Or, if an adjudicator thinks something has gone wrong they will explain their thinking and say what should be done to put things right.

Everyone involved in the complaint will have a chance to comment on the adjudicator’s view.

Sometimes, an Ombudsman will issue their initial view on a complaint – a preliminary determination. This will be sent to everyone involved in the complaint and they will be invited to comment.

We will give everyone time to comment on an adjudicator’s view or an Ombudsman’s preliminary determination. Our timeframe for responses will be confirmed at the point of issue. In some circumstances we may extend this timeframe.

Whatever we decide to do any party can always ask an Ombudsman to look at a case. This will result in the Ombudsman issuing a determination.