Financial Assistance Scheme

We can look at decisions made by the Scheme Manager of the Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS). These are known as appeals of FAS decisions.

Before you can ask us to investigate you must ask the FAS to review their decision. If you need help to do this you can use our helpline service to contact our Early Resolution Team.

If you’ve asked the FAS to review their decision and aren’t satisfied with the outcome you can ask us to investigate.

We can accept applications from anyone who has had a decision made by the FAS Scheme Manager.

What we can look at

We can look at FAS decisions about a pension scheme or about something that affects an individual member of a scheme.

FAS decisions about pension schemes

Generally we can look at:

  • scheme notification decisions – whether or not the relevant pension scheme details have been provided to the FAS within the required timescale.
  • scheme eligibility decisions – whether or not a pension scheme is a qualifying pension scheme under the FAS.

FAS decisions about individuals

Generally we can look at:

  • individual eligibility – whether or not someone is a qualifying member under the FAS
  • individual assessment – payments someone is, or might be, entitled to receive under the FAS.

We can’t look at general complaints about the FAS – for example delays with making a decision. These are dealt with by the Parliamentary Ombudsman.