How to appeal a FAS decision

You must bring your appeal to us no more than 2 months after the FAS Scheme Manager has sent a decision about your appeal.

You’ll need to send us an application form along with any documents related to your appeal.

By law we may not be able to accept your appeal unless you:

  • provide all the relevant information asked for on the application form
  • include a copy of the FAS final decision about your appeal
  • include any other documents relevant to your application.

You can appoint someone (a representative) to help you with your application.

Interested persons

If your appeal relates to a scheme notification or scheme eligibility decision we have to notify any ‘interested persons’ that an appeal has been made. Broadly this is anyone who is, or might be, affected by the outcome of your case.

Usually we will do this by publishing details of your case on our website. All the information related to your case will be made available to any interested persons.

Interested persons can also apply to become a party in a case. If we accept their application they will have the same rights and responsibilities as you – this includes making representations to us and requesting an oral hearing.

Make an application

Download a FAS appeals form if you would like to appeal a FAS decision.