We can help if you have a complaint about a pension scheme provided by your employer or a pension you have set up yourself. These are called occupational or personal pensions. Unless there are special circumstances we can only deal with problems you became aware of within the last three years.

We can also help if you have a complaint about a decision made by the Pension Protection Fund  or a decision made by the Financial Assistance Scheme

There are lots of things we can deal with, but please remember that we can’t help with complaints about:

  • State Pensions
  • tracing a lost pension
  • sales or marketing (mis-selling) of pensions
  • the type of benefits your pension scheme offers
  • a decision made by a tribunal, court or another Ombudsman

Go to our list of useful contacts if your complaint is something we are unable to deal with.

Before you make a complaint to us you need to complain to whoever you think is at fault and give them a chance to put things right.

If you have tried to resolve the problem and haven’t received a response or have reached the end of the complaints process and aren’t satisfied with the outcome you can ask us to investigate.

Complaint about your pension? Here’s how we can help

Bring a complaint to us about your personal or occupational pension

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If you are unsure if your complaint is something we can deal with, you need some help with your application or need information in another format or language then call us on 020 7630 2200.