You must bring your application to us no more than 28 days beginning on the date the PPF Reconsideration Committee’s decision is sent to you.

In exceptional circumstances we may be able extend the 28 day period, but for decisions about some reviewable matters the period can’t be extended.

You’ll need to send us an PPF complaint and referral form along with any documents related to your application.

By law we may not be able to accept your application unless you:

  • provide all the relevant information asked for on the application form
  • include a copy of the Reconsideration Committee’s decision
  • include any other documents relevant to your application.

You can appoint someone (a representative) to help you with your application.

Significantly adversely affected people

We have to notify other people who may be ‘significantly adversely affected’ by the outcome of a PPF case. If there are such people, we will do this by publishing details of your case on this site.

All the information related to your case will be made available to any significantly adversely affected people.

They have the right to participate in the case which means they will have the same rights and responsibilities as you – this includes making representations to us and requesting an oral hearing.