Personal and occupational pensions

We can look at complaints about the way personal and occupational pensions schemes are run. If there is a problem this is known as maladministration, which includes situations such as a pension scheme:

  • taking too long to do something without good reason
  • failing to do something they should have
  • not following their own rules or the law
  • breaking a promise
  • giving incorrect or misleading information
  • not making a decision in the right way.

There are different rules about the type of complaint we can accept from individuals and what we can investigate if you are an employer, trustee or pension scheme manager.  This section has information about what we can look at and what you need to do.

For information on group complaints go to the guidance section of this site.

We can’t help with enquiries or complaints about:

  • State Pensions
  • tracing a lost pension
  • sales or marketing (mis-selling) of pensions
  • the type of benefits your pension scheme offers
  • a decision made by a tribunal, court or another Ombudsman.

Go to our list of useful contacts to find other organisations that may be able to help.