Employers, trustees and scheme managers

You can ask us to investigate if you think there is a problem with the way a pension scheme is run.

Or if there is a dispute between you and the other people who run the pension scheme. We can only look at disputes of fact or law.

We can help with complaints or disputes between:

  • trustees or managers of different pension schemes
  • trustees (or managers) and an employer of the same scheme
  • independent trustees and other trustees of the same scheme
  • an employer and the trustees (or managers) of the same scheme.

We can also look at disputes between trustees of the same scheme as long as the dispute is referred by at least half of them.

If you are the sole trustee of a scheme you can ask us to answer questions about your role.

If you ask us to investigate a complaint or dispute you will not need to show that injustice has occurred.

What you need to do

Step 1

First you need to try to resolve the problem with whoever you think is responsible. You should telephone or write a letter explaining clearly what you think has gone wrong or the nature of your dispute.

Step 2

If you’ve tried to resolve a problem and aren’t satisfied with the outcome you can ask us to investigate.

Early Resolution

If you need help raising your concerns, or just to discuss a potential complaint with a member of the team, you can use our helpline service by:

Phone: 0800 917 4487 from Monday to Friday, 10.00am to 2.00pm and select the option to discuss a potential complaint.

Appointing a representative

You can nominate someone else, such as a solicitor, to help you bring your complaint to us. If you appoint a representative we write directly to them while we are processing your application and throughout the case investigation. You are unlikely to get any costs repaid, even if your complaint is upheld.

Bringing your complaint to us

You’ll need to send us an application form along with any documents related to your complaint or dispute. The application form outlines the information you need to provide and has details about how we will deal with any personal information you send us. If you are appointing a representative you should tell us on your application.

Please note: Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, we are temporarily not accepting new written enquiries (by post or email) or new complaint forms.