Support and advice

The Pensions Advisory Service

Advice on pensions and how to complain to your pension scheme.

The Money Advice Service

Advice on managing your money.

Citizens Advice

Advice on your rights, responsibilities and how to get a problem sorted out.

Other Ombudsman services

The Financial Ombudsman Service

Complaints about sales and marketing (mis-selling) of pensions and other financial products.

The Parliamentary Ombudsman

For complaints about how the Financial Assistance Scheme is run.

Ombudsman Association

Find other Ombudsman organisations.

Pension schemes administered in the Isle of Man

We can usually only deal with complaints about pension schemes administered in the UK.  If you have a complaint about a pension scheme administered in the Isle of Man please contact: Isle of Man


The Pension Service

Enquiries about state pension payments and entitlement.

Pension Tracing Service

Help with finding a lost pension.

The Pension Protection Fund

Information about the Pension Protection Fund and their complaints process.

The Financial Assistance Scheme

Information about the Financial Assistance Scheme and their complaints process.

The Pensions Regulator

How the pensions industry is regulated and information on automatic enrolment.

Payment of interest

The base rate being quoted by the reference banks is published monthly on the Bank of England website under:  Monetary policy / Interest rates and Bank Rate.

Enforcing or appealing our determinations