When someone has tried to resolve a problem with their pension and isn’t satisfied with the outcome, they ask us to help.

We are an independent organisation set up by law to investigate complaints about pension administration. We can also consider complaints about the actions and decisions of the Pension Protection Fund and about some decisions made by the Financial Assistance Scheme.

We look at the facts without taking sides.  And we have legal powers to make decisions that are final, binding and enforceable in court.  Our service is free.

We are funded by grant-in-aid paid by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). The grant-in-aid is largely recovered from the general levy on pension schemes administered by the Pensions Regulator.

What we do

Read an introduction to our role and the type of complaints we can deal with.

Our aims and values

An overview of what’s important to us and what we want to achieve.

Our team

Find out about the Ombudsman, Deputy Ombudsman and how we are structured.

Publications and policies

View our corporate plan, annual reports, publications and policies.

The Ombudsman role

Learn more about what an Ombudsman does and how they can help settle disputes.

Feedback and complaints

What to do if you think something has gone wrong or we could improve our service.