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Making a complaint

Making a complaint

If you have a complaint or dispute about your pension, we can help to sort it out. This may be a pension scheme provided by your employer (which might be an occupational pension scheme or a personal pension plan) or a pension you have set up yourself. 

We can also help if you have a complaint about a decision made by the Pension Protection Fund or the Financial Assistance Scheme

Complaint about your pension?

You can ask us to look at complaints about how personal and occupational pension schemes are run, but there are some things we can’t investigate. Check to see if your complaint is something we can deal with.

See if we can help

What’s involved?

Find out more about our processes, what to expect and likely outcomes.

Find out what’s involved

Making a complaint

Once you have checked that your complaint is something we can deal with, you will need to submit an application and send us any documents related to your complaint.

Submit a complaint