NI Local Government Superannuation
The Estate of Mr Y
Belfast City Council
Death benefits
Thu 26 Jul 2018

Ombudsman’s Determination

Complaint Summary

Mrs Y, as the administrator of the late Mr Y’s Estate, has complained about the Council’s handling of Mr Y’s retirement. Mrs Y considers that the Council had reason to bring forward Mr Y’s retirement date and had it done so he would have passed away having retired. Consequently, the death benefits paid out by the Scheme would have been greater.

Summary of the Ombudsman’s Determination and reasons

The complaint should be upheld against the Council because:-

  • Mrs Y, on Mr Y’s behalf, had contacted the Council to enquire about the option of taking some or all of Mr Y’s pension benefits in advance of his termination date.
  • Over the course of that call the Council should have given Mrs Y the option of bringing forward Mr Y’s termination date. Had it done so it is more likely than not that Mr Y would have brought forward his termination date and would ultimately have died in retirement.

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