Most of the time people have no problem with the way their pensions are run, but occasionally things do go wrong.

If that happens and someone’s not satisfied with the way their pension scheme has dealt with a situation they can ask us to investigate.

We’ll sort it out by looking at what both parties have to say before deciding how the problem should be resolved.

We are not a regulator (“watchdog”), consumer champion or a trade body so when we look at a complaint, we deal with all sides fairly. We are completely independent and impartial.

We work within legislation set down by parliament, which means there are rules about what we can and can’t investigate.

We can look at complaints about personal and occupational pension schemes.  We also consider complaints about the actions and decisions of the Pension Protection Fund and some decisions made by the Financial Assistance Scheme.

In general we deal with complaints about how pensions schemes are run.  If there is a problem this is known as maladministration, which includes situations such as a pension scheme:

  • taking too long to do something without good reason
  • failing to do something they should have
  • not following their own rules or the law
  • breaking a promise
  • giving incorrect or misleading information
  • not making a decision in the right way.

When our Ombudsmen make a decision it is final and binding on both parties.

We can usually only deal with complaints about pension schemes administered in the UK.  If you have a complaint about a pension scheme administered in the Isle of Man please contact: