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Complaint Topic: Other
Outcome: Resolved by Early Resolution
Type: Pension complaint or dispute

Mr M was automatically enrolled into a pension scheme by his employer but decided to opt out. He was paid a refund of his contributions. However, contributions continued to be deducted from his salary. Unfortunately, Mr M did not notice until he left his employer seven months later.

Mr M contacted his former employer, but they referred him to the pension provider. Mr M contacted the pension provider, but they referred him to the employer. After several frustrating phone calls, which did not progress matters, Mr M contacted TPO.

Our adviser contacted both the pension provider and the employer. It transpired Mr M had been re-enrolled in error. We referred the employer to the plan’s procedural notes, which explained how this could be corrected. The necessary action was taken and Mr M was refunded the contributions deducted in error.  

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