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Ill health – The case study of Miss M

Complaint Topic: Ill health
Outcome: Resolved by Early Resolution
Type: Pension complaint or dispute

Miss M contacted us after being refused ill health retirement. Miss M suffered from mental and physical ill health. She was confused by the ill health retirement process under her pension scheme (the Scheme) and did not fully understand the Scheme administrator’s correspondence.

After discussing the problem with one of our advisers, Miss M and her General Practitioner provided focused evidence relevant to the Scheme’s ill health retirement criteria. This was then put forward as part of Miss M’s appeal. After consideration, the Scheme confirmed that Miss M met the eligibility conditions.

The Scheme also acknowledged that its earlier handling of Miss M’s application had been unnecessarily protracted and that this had added to Miss M’s distress. The Scheme agreed it would be appropriate to offer Miss M £500 in acknowledgement of this. Miss M accepted its offer.

Miss M had further questions about how her retirement benefits had been calculated, which our adviser was able to explain.  

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