One of the outcomes of the new lockdown measures is that we can no longer collect and deal with our post. This creates difficulties for us in processing any new enquiries or complaints whether received by post or by email. While the current situation continues, we will be focusing on existing enquiries and complaints only.

This means that any post or emails received after today will not be dealt with and you will need to re-submit your correspondence (by post or email) once we are in a position to restore full service. We would like to reassure you that, wherever possible, we will be using our discretion to expand our time limit of three years for those new applicants affected by this period of restricted service.

All our staff will continue to work from home on existing cases, so if you have already submitted a complaint or written to us, your case will be progressed as normal. We are extremely fortunate that our IT systems greatly support our staff working from home so we can continue to prioritise investigating existing enquiries and complaints.

Please be assured we are doing everything we can to keep any disruption to an absolute minimum. We will carefully monitor the ongoing situation and hope to be able to restore full service as quickly as possible. Regular updates will be posted here to keep you informed of the changing situation.

Thank you for your patience in these difficult times.