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Medusa Pension Scheme (CAS-32331-Q1P4)

Complainant: Mrs D
Complaint Topic: Death benefits
Ref: CAS-32331-Q1P4
Outcome: Upheld
Appeal outcome: None
Respondent: The Trustee of the Medusa Pension Scheme
Type: Pension complaint or dispute
Appeal: No

Ombudsman’s Determination


Mrs D’s complaint is upheld and to put matters right, the Trustee, Mr D, shall issue a new decision to Mrs D. He shall also award a further £500 to Mrs D for the significant distress and inconvenience caused by not complying with the previous Directions within the required timeframe.

Complaint summary


Mrs D has complained that Mr D did not comply with the Deputy Pensions Ombudsman’s Directions on her original complaint, which was about Mr D’s decision on the distribution of death benefits from the Scheme.

Mrs D asks that I replace Mr D’s decision with my own.

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