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Creative Pension Trust (CAS-88008-Y9K4)

Complainant: Mr Y
Complaint Topic: Contributions: failure to pay into scheme
Ref: CAS-88008-Y9K4
Outcome: Upheld
Respondent: Genco Male Emporium Ltd
Type: Pension complaint or dispute
Appeal: No

Ombudsman’s Determination


Mr Y’s complaint is upheld and, to put matters right, the Employer shall ensure that all unpaid contributions are paid into the Scheme. The Employer shall ensure that Mr Y is not financially disadvantaged by its maladministration by arranging for any investment loss to be calculated and paid into the Scheme.

The Employer shall also pay Mr Y £1,000 for the serious distress and inconvenience caused to him. 

Complaint summary

Mr Y has complained that the Employer, despite deducting contributions from his pay, has failed to pay these contributions into the Scheme.

Mr Y has said that the missing contributions amounted to £3,725.47.

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