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Aviva Staff Pension Scheme (CAS-53529-P0Z6)

Complainant: Mr R
Complaint Topic: Misquote/misinformation
Ref: CAS-53529-P0Z6
Outcome: Not upheld
Respondent: Aviva Staff Pension Trustee Limited (the Trustee)

XPS Administration (XPS)
Type: Pension complaint or dispute
Appeal: No

Ombudsman’s Determination


I do not uphold Mr R’s complaint and no further action is required by the Trustee or XPS. 

Complaint summary

Mr R has complained that the Trustee led him to believe that his Guaranteed Minimum Pension (GMP) would be payable in June 2021 at age 60. He was expecting an estimated annual pension of £4,049 from the Scheme at age 60. However, he was later advised that he would receive an estimated annual pension of £1,858 at age 60 as a mistake had been made and the GMP was not payable until age 65. 

Mr R says that he relied on this information in his financial decision making in 2016 and it directly influenced his decision to use his savings of £25,000 to supplement a pension from Aon until age 60 when he understood his GMP would be payable. 

Mr R has also complained that in 2019 XPS told him that the Trustee would make good its written pledge to pay the GMP at age 60. As well as incorrectly informing him that he could receive tax-free cash (TFC) of around £30,000 from the Scheme at age 60 with a reduced pension. 

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