Henry Davison Limited Pension Scheme
Mr L & Mr S, Ms R, Mr E, Mr DY, Mrs RE, Ms T, Mr ES, Mr LE, Ms N, Mrs G, Mr G, Mr ER, Mr RY (together the Additional Applicants)
Mr Anthony Davison and Mrs Penny Davison, as trustees of the Scheme (the Trustees)
Breach of trust
PO-7292, PO-7951, PO-8118, PO-6703, PO-12813, PO-7616, PO-8801, PO-11753, PO-11759, PO-10259, PO-12802, PO-12801, PO-10848 & PO-10229
Fri 29 Mar 2019

Ombudsman’s Determination


Mr L’s and the Additional Applicants’ complaints are upheld and to put matters right the Trustees shall comply with the directions set out in paragraphs 230 to 232 of this Determination.

My reasons for reaching this decision are explained in more detail below.

Complaint summary

Mr L’s complaint is that the Trustees have: misrepresented the Scheme; mismanaged the funds; issued fabricated benefit statements; and that the funds that he transferred into the Scheme have been lost.

Thirteen ‘Additional Applicants’ have complained on identical issues against the Trustees. These have been associated with Mr L’s complaint by my office. This means that the conclusions made below in respect of Mr L’s case apply equally to the associated cases.

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