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Pensions Cold Calling


The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has announced issuing a £130,000 fine to CPS Advisory Ltd for making over 100,000 unauthorised cold calls to people about their pensions.

You can read the ICO’s full press statement on its website.

This follows a change in law in 2019 to stop scammers defrauding people out of their pensions. The cold calling legislation was brought in following the High Court decision in Donna-Marie Hughes vs The Royal London Mutual Insurance Society (2016), which upheld an appeal against a Pensions Ombudsman Determination which prevented a cold call transfer.

Anthony Arter, Pensions Ombudsman, said:“It is crucial that people are aware of scammers and their methods. At The Pensions Ombudsman, we support enforcement action taken to protect people’s pensions. Our expert staff are on hand to assist anyone who thinks they may have a complaint involving a pension scam.”

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