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Police Pension Scheme (PO-12007)

Complainant: Mr S
Ref: PO-12007
Outcome: Partly upheld
Respondent: Avon and Somerset Police Pension Authority

Ombudsman’s Determination


Mr S’ complaint against the Authority is partly upheld, but there is a part of the complaint I do not agree with. To put matters right, for the part that is upheld, the Authority should pay Mr S £500 for the significant distress and inconvenience it caused.

My reasons for reaching this decision are explained in more detail below.

Complaint summary

Mr S’ complaint is that his level of disablement has been changed from 75-100% to 90% during a review, which he believes is incorrect and could impact any future reviews negatively. He has also raised concerns over the accuracy of the medical report completed during the reviews and the delays he experienced.

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