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Commando 2012 Pension Scheme (PO-19196)

Complainant: Mr N
Complaint Topic: Benefits: refusal/failure to pay or late payment
Ref: PO-19196
Outcome: Upheld
Respondent: 1. Liddell Dunbar Ltd (Liddell Dunbar)
2. Mr Stuart Garner (the Trustee)
Type: Pension complaint or dispute

Ombudsman’s Determination


Mr N’s complaint is upheld and to put matters right Mr Garner should pay the transfer value, mitigate any investment losses and pay Mr N £500 to recognise his significant distress and inconvenience.

My reasons for reaching this decision are explained in more detail below.

Complaint summary

Mr N is complaining that Mr Garner and Liddell Dunbar have delayed the transfer of his benefits out of the Scheme.

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