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Sears Retail Pension Scheme (PO-16054)

Complainant: Mr S
Complaint Topic: Ill Health
Ref: PO-16054
Outcome: Partly upheld
Respondent: The Trustees of the Sears Retail Pension Scheme
Type: Pension complaint or dispute

Ombudsman’s Determination


Mr S’ complaint against the Trustees is partly upheld, but there is a part of the complaint I do not uphold. To put matters right (for the part which is upheld), the Trustees shall review their decision not to waive the early payment reduction in Mr S’ case.

Complaint summary

Mr S has complained that the Trustees have declined to pay his deferred pension early on the grounds of ill health. He has also complained that the Trustees have not “inflation-proofed” his Guaranteed Minimum Pension (GMP).

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