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British Airways Retirement Plan (PO-18768)

Complainant: Mr N
Complaint Topic: Membership
Ref: PO-18768
Outcome: Not upheld
Respondent: British Airways
Type: Pension complaint or dispute

Ombudsman’s Determination

Complaint Summary

Mr N’s complaint is that BA refused to keep a record of his Fixed Protection 2014 (FP14), certificate and that he was not provided with adequate notice of his re-enrolment into the Scheme by BA or with adequate information about his right to opt-out and the process for doing so. As a result of his membership of the Scheme Mr N’s FP14 has been invalidated.

Summary of the Ombudsman’s Determination and reasons

The complaint should not be upheld against BA as Mr N’s situation is not as a result of any maladministration on its part.

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