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NHS Pension Scheme (PO-20702)

Complainant: Ms N
Topic: Membership
Ref: PO-20702
Outcome: Upheld
Respondent: NHS Business Services Authority
Type: Pension complaint or dispute

Ombudsman’s Determination

Complaint Summary

Ms N has complained that NHS BSA has said she is not eligible to retain Special Class Status (SCS). This means if she decides to retire at age 55, she will be subject to retirement reductions.

Summary of the Ombudsman’s Determination and reasons

The complaint should be upheld against NHS BSA, and within 28 days it should review its decision not to allow Ms N retention of SCS. This is because there are flaws in its decision-making process and it did not follow the approach set out in the judgment of NHS BSA v Williams [2017] ICR 327 (NHS BSA v Williams).

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