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Aviva Master Trust (CAS-39734-V6Z6)

Complainant: Mr N
Complaint Topic: Transfers: general
Ref: CAS-39734-V6Z6
Outcome: Not upheld
Appeal outcome: None
Respondent: Trustees of the Aviva Master Trust
Type: Pension complaint or dispute
Appeal: No

Ombudsman’s Determination


I do not uphold Mr N’s complaint and no further action is required by the Trustee or Aviva.

Complaint summary

Mr N has complained that:-

· Aviva failed to complete the transfer of his Standard Life Additional Voluntary Contribution (AVC) fund into the Trust within a reasonable timeframe.

· This delay caused him to cancel the transfer and incur a financial loss by taking the AVC benefits as a lump sum instead.

· The Trustee offered him an award in recognition of his financial loss, then withdrew the offer.

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