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National Employment Savings Trust (CAS-44390-L8M3)

Complainant: Mr S
Complaint Topic: Administration
Ref: CAS-44390-L8M3
Outcome: Partly upheld
Appeal outcome: None
Respondent: NEST Corporation
Panisade Ltd
Type: Pension complaint or dispute
Appeal: No

Ombudsman’s Determination


The complaint made by Mr S is upheld against Panisade Ltd. Panisade Ltd shall refund the contributions it deducted from his salary with interest calculated using the base rate for the time being quoted by the Bank of England. 

Complaint summary

Mr S has complained that:- 

  • Panisade Ltd provided NEST Corporation with an incorrect date of birth and National Insurance number when automatically enrolling him into NEST in November 2018. As a consequence of this mistake, NEST Corporation held incorrect personal details for him. 

  • NEST Corporation failed to comply with his request to opt out of NEST within the one month opt out period. It also refused to refund the contributions that were deducted from his salary by Panisade Ltd and paid into NEST against his wishes. 

  • He has suffered considerable distress and inconvenience dealing with this matter.

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