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Civil Service Pension Scheme (CAS-56114-T8J1)

Complainant: Ms K
Complaint Topic: Benefits: refusal/failure to pay or late payment
Ref: CAS-56114-T8J1
Outcome: Upheld
Respondent: Civil Service Pensions
Scottish Widows
Type: Pension complaint or dispute
Appeal: No

Ombudsman’s Determination


Ms K’s complaint is upheld and to put matters right, CSP shall follow the steps set out in the section, “Directions”.

Complaint summary

Ms K has complained about the time it took to disinvest her additional voluntary contributions (AVCs) and transfer the funds out of the Northern Ireland Civil Service AVC Scheme (NICSAVCS), which is the AVC section of the Scheme.

Ms K considers that the delay caused her a financial loss, because the value of her AVCs decreased between the date she retired from employment and the date of the transfer.

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