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Sun Life Personal Pension Plan (CAS-83426-S0Y5)

Complainant: Mrs S
Complaint Topic: Benefits: refusal/failure to pay or late payment
Ref: CAS-83426-S0Y5
Outcome: Not upheld
Respondent: Aviva
Type: Pension complaint or dispute
Appeal: No

Ombudsman’s Determination


I do not uphold Mrs S’ complaint and no further action is required by Aviva.

My reasons for reaching this decision are explained in more detail below in paragraphs 30 to 36.

Complaint summary

Mrs S has complained that the date on which her pension is paid has varied each year and have rarely been received on time. 

The elements of Mrs S’ complaint that relate to payments made prior to 2019 fall outside my jurisdiction because they were made outside of the time limits within which legislation requires that a complaint should be brought to me to investigate and determine. I have therefore not considered these issues in my Determination.

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